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Second verse, almost as worse...

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Went out again last night, in approximately the same conditions as last night, although I could see three of the stars in the handle of the Big Dipper and a couple of stars in Cassiopeia. Tried for Jupiter again, using different eps, but didn't get any really clear picture of the planet. I think Jupiter is done for the year.

I put the C6N on the mount, as I had attached the baseplate for the new 7x50 RA finder, and it immediately proved its worth by allowing me to get the double double in the FOV without breaking my neck. I split it, just, at 94x. It was a little difficult, and sometimes I could both stars in each double and sometimes not, depending on how I held my head. I know I was seeing the doubles, though, and not an optical illusion of some kind because I was seeing the doubles in the orientation they have in pictures.

Tried for the Ring, but it just won't come out in these skies. There seem to be a lot of stars missing these days. I know there are stars between the elements of the Tim Horton's double, but I could not see them at all.

Went to the moon, next. Although the views are not quite as sharp as with the frac, they are still plenty good. The clouds covered the moon after about fifteen minutes, do I packed it in for the night, and put the scope away, as I thought it might rain.

Came out about 2am, and the moon was as cleaer as can be, but I had put the scope away for the night. It did rain, though, and hard, later in the night.

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