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First Light proper ST120


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Well what a nice night. :)

Whizzed around with the 25mm EP that came with the 'scope while things were cooling down, and had a try out with it in the 2" mirror diagonal vs 1.25" prism diagonal.

I really didn't get on with the 1.25" prism, as I was getting all sorts of diffraction issues. The mirror was a different kettle of fish altogether, then after a while I tried using my left eye instead, got another noticeable improvement with the 2" mirror diagonal (as long as there wasn't a particularly bright star in the field of view, huge numbers of very faint ones became visible), switched back to the prism and with my left eye it was very usable. Ho hum, my right eye sucks.

Had a look around Orion's belt, and thought the lens or EP was starting to ice up as it was all sorts of misty down South of there, so I switched in the 8mm Baader Hyperion to give it its first try, and had a quick look at Mars at 75x mag, then swung back towards Orion's belt, headed south from there and there was that darned icing up starting again. Focused in properly THAT'S NO ICING UP! Nebulosity! Gobbits of it! Moving the 'scope around it was staying where it was,

O-M-G! The Great Nebula! I didn't think I would be able to actually see nebulosity let alone so much of it. With the Hyperion, it was absolutely gorgeous. Shoved in the 2 x Barlow to give 150x and it worked a treat.

I think I spent over an hour slack jawed just looking at the Great Nebula until dad came out and had a look, and I realised how cold it had got when he dashed back in to the warm.

Saturn had climbed up a little bit by then, though still a bit low, so I had a quick look at 150x before heading in. Saw the rings edge on quite nicely, and could make out one moon. No noticeable CA problems at 150 x either (that might just be my eyes though). Next time out, I'll try it at 3 x Barlow for 225 x mag with the 1.25" diagonal and see what happens.

All without any filters, and my eyes have stood up ok (so far anyway). Result! :(

I think I have just become addicted to this 'scope, and also addicted to Baader Hyperions. Heeelp! :eek:

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I have the hyperion 8mm too and I love mine, now got my eye on the 17. Would like the 5 too lol.


Do you find the flip up eye cup actually comes off sometimes instead of 'flipping up'?

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I have the hyperion 8mm too and I love mine, now got my eye on the 17. Would like the 5 too lol.


Do you find the flip up eye cup actually comes off sometimes instead of 'flipping up'?

Well I haven't used it enough yet to find a problem with the eye cup, but thinking about it, as it has the separate thread cap for the photography thread, I'd bet they deliberately made it 'under-tight' so the caps don't get damaged with possibly frequent removal and replacement?

I was thinking about the 17mm too, but Barlow'd at 2x would put it right into the 8mm territory, so I think I'll be getting the 21mm which will give enough of a difference.

A 17mm will give me 35 x mag, and 21mm will give me 28 x mag.

If I then get the 14mm and 28mm rings . . . . . . . .

Hyperion w/ 14mm Ring 28mm Ring 14 + 28 Ring w/ Baader 2" Filter

21mm 17.6, 15.5, 14.0, 18.5

17mm 13.1, 10.8, 9.2, 14.6

13mm 10.8, 9.2, 8.1, 11.7

8mm 6.0, 5.0, 4.3, 6.9

5mm 4.0, 3.2, 2.6, 4.3

3.5mm 2.5, 2.1, 1.8, 2.9

Hyperion Focal Lengths with Finetuning Rings

I should have all the useful bases covered (especially with the Barlow 2 x as well)?

I'll pick up a 2" ED Barlow at some point, but was impressed with the 1.25" Skywatcher deluxe Barlow I borrowed off dad.

eta: actually yes, to use the fine tuning rings, maybe the 17mm does make a bit more sense?

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