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Well, I can’t recall such a run of poor weather. With the season rapidly coming to an end with astronomical darkness just about done I decided to have one last crack before packing the kit down for a couple of months. This image has been snatched over brief cloud free breaks over the last couple of weeks and amounts to a bout 4 hours so far of mixed L-pro and L-eNhance subs (120 and 180s). I’m hoping get another hour or two before end of darkness but the data is building up. 
Stellamira SM90edt, 533MCP, AM5.

Processed in SiriL and PS.


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Managed to get a few hours to finish off the image of M81/M82 galaxies in Ursa Major. A total of just over 8 hours……some patience there with clouds and what not. This will have to suffice for the moment. Date processed in SiriL and finished off in PS; stacked image and HOO from OSCHaOiii extraction script.CF5D7EF4-7A05-4715-A004-FB07240C4D06.thumb.jpeg.60b3d8c9ec51db4f4bcdcdc8d3d1f00b.jpeg82ECE691-CDD6-410E-9382-060EF661B183.thumb.jpeg.a6a14e10bc083af1d4f5f21d332151fe.jpeg

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