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Thursday's Moon 22-02-24

Roy Foreman

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In all my years of imaging the moon I have never attempted to image it at, or near, full.  These images rectify that !

I had to utilize a narrow window of opportunity between the sun setting and the clouds rolling in, a they always seem to do these days.

It was hazy and very turbulent, and the moon was not that high in the sky, but hey ho, desperate times, eh !

The whole disc image is a two pane mosaic at prime focus with a Proplanet 807 IR filter.

The close-ups are selective enlargements from a 12 pane mosaic using a Baader FFC set at x3, and a Proplanet 642 IR filter.

Telescope was a Skywatcher MN190 Mak-Newt, and camera was a ZWO 183MM

Hope they are of interest and thanks for looking.



2024-02-22 Moon pp807.jpg

2024-02-22 Moon pp642 c1.jpg

2024-02-22 Moon pp642 c2.jpg

2024-02-22 Moon pp642 c3.jpg

2024-02-22 Moon pp642 c4.jpg

2024-02-22 Moon pp642 c5.jpg

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On 29/03/2024 at 02:37, neiil phillips said:

Love your processing on these Roy. Slightly understated. Very natural. with no bloating or artifacts. 

Thanks Neil.  As you will know, the worse the conditions the more difficult it is to process and get decent results.

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4 hours ago, LukeTheNuke said:

Wow, lovely! Do you use your MN190 Mak-Newt mainly for lunar, or for other things too? Have you had a crack at close to new moon as well?

Hi and thanks. I use the MN190 mostly for deep sky, but used it for the moon on this occasion as it was already set up in the observatory.  It is one of those scopes that seems to do well at everything- refractor like image quality with the speed of a reflector.

I have had many attempts at very thin crescents with some success, but not used rh MN for this as yet . 

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