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Industrial quality silicone or TPU-sheathed USB cables

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Perhaps someone has a source of industrial quality USB cables they can pass along? Specifically I'm looking for USB 3 Type A to Type B plug cabling designed for industrial environments. This is the opposite of consumer and office-grade cabling. So I need either silicone or polyurethane (not PVC) sheaths, either flat or circular section, gold plated contacts, 3-5m length, choice of straight or right-angled plugs. This is for permanent outdoor use hooking up imaging equipment in Wicklow's cold wet windy climate.

Many thanks

Tony Owens

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I acquired USB3 to Fibre Optic units for runs between observatories. While they were not compatible with USB2.0 data transfers they were great for my ZWO main imaging camera.  The problem came when I acquired replacement QHY268 cameras that would just not function using the FO converters, they remain fine for ZWO though.

Each FO converter allowed 2xUSB3.0 connections and were blisteringly quick. I tested one of them with a 64M and 26M camera running simultaneously at the fastest frame rate with not a single frame dropped according to Sharpcap.

The best active USB3.0 long cables I have found are Startech 5&10M, currently have 6 running between the control room and observatories.


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