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Advice for EAA system integration?

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Hi guys, I am looking for some advice on configuring my electronically assisted astronomy rig to improve system integration and improve its operability. Ultimate goal being to have the outside rig operate fully remotely.
Current hardware is CPC925 scope with starsense handset and camera, SVbony SV705C IMX585 camera feeding into Mele quieter3 miniPC.
Software on mini PC is sharpcap, Celestron CPWI and ASCOM. I am able to carry out initial auto starsense alignment via CPWI, and also use the live stacking feature in Sharpcap. Focussing is currently manual using a Lord Y mask and is at best clunky!
I am currently running the scope at native F10 2350mm focal length, however I do have a 0.63x focal reducer which I believe will help with shorter subs, and increase FOV and in turn help with plate solving ability.
I am RDPing in via my home Wi-Fi but I am having to manually operate each software independently.
I am currently saving for the celestron focus motor which will simplify connection to the mount and integrate remote focussing and mount control via CPWI. 
My current knowledge of ASCOM is rudimentary at best, and I would like to achieve the following:
1. Auto focussing via Sharpcap.
2. Plate solving via Sharpcap.
3. I have Stellarium running on the inside PC, and would like to be able to identify targets within Stellarium, and seamlessly get the mount to slew to the target directly without manually inputting it into CPWI.
What would be a good resource to help my learn how to integrate my system components?
Any advice gratefully recieved!

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I am not an EAA expert, however, I know SharpCap and ASCOM a bit, so in my opinion:

  1. AF using Sharpcap works quite well once you configure it properly. But if the focus motor you plan to have will be fixed to the main focuser of the SCT, then you may encounter some mirror shift and backlash on the focuser motion reverse. 
  2. There are several options for plate solving in SC and I recommend installing and configuring ASTAP. It is quick and reliable and should work well even for the modest field of view of a 585 sensor at 2000mm FL. 
  3. If you want to have Stellarium on the local PC that controls the mount on the remote PC, then the one configuration that comes to my mind is:
    1. install the Stellarium Scope addon on the local PC that can control the mount via ASCOM driver.
    2. install Celestron ASCOM driver (there is a standalone one), but I think CPWI has also its own ASCOM driver while it is running - on the remote PC
    3. install and configure ASCOM Alpaca that allows connecting to the ASCOM driver at the remote PC. ASCOM Rest Server needs to be set up on the remote PC and ASCOM Remote Client on the local PC

I also use RD to connect to the PC in the observatory, but I have CdC planetarium software installed on the remote PC and select the targets there via the RD. 

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