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First galaxy of the season - NGC2903


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And with the galaxy season upon us, here is my first for this year.

Because both of my cameras were out for repairs, this galaxy was shot with a friend's ASI183M who was very kind to lend it to me so won't be out of action.

NGC 2903 (cropped photo, had some problems with the flats)

Equipment used:
Eq6 hypertune gen2 by DarkFrame Ltd
AstroTech 106LE with upgraded Moonlite focuser
TSFlat 2" field flattener
ASI183MM Pro Cmos camera, cooled at - 15°C
8x1.25" ZWO USB filterwheel
Chroma 1.25" LoGlow and RGB filters
Qhyccd QHY5L-IIM guide camera
9x50mm finder-guider
Qhyccd Polemaster
Software used:
Eqmod, SGP - Sequence Generator Pro, PHD2, Stellarium with stellariumScope, SharpCap for polar alignment
Date: 27and 28.02.2023
Location: Hemel Hempstead, bortle 5
Luminance:105x120sec, Gain 111 Offset 10
Red: 55x120sec; Green: 55x120sec; Blue: 56x120sec; Gain 111 Offset 10
Total integration time 9 hours and 2 minutes
Stacked in AstroPixel Processor and processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop CC 2023
A bit more luminance with no moon would've helped a bit but I'm happy with what I got so far.


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