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Pixinsight to analyze a light frame before processing them?

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Are there tools and procedures in Pixinsight to analyze a light frame before processing them?

I have about 40 lights and when I started my processing in Pixinsight they looked reasonable.

Then, after stacking and processing (WBPP Script) I opened up a master light.

Stretched it and it looked promising.


After doing DBE or ABE, the results are horrible.

My guess is that there is something wrong with the lights, but I don't know how to analyze them in Pixinsight before processing them.

Anyone know a way to check out the lights in Pixinsight before spending the time to process them?


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Blink to sort out bad frames

Sub Frame Selector to measure frames, and to decide which to remove. WBPP will weigh the good frames during stacking.

Can you elaborate on "horrible". Many times images may look poor after DBE, but they can still be processed into good quality ones. I'm certain we can offer advice with specific problems. Just post the stretched image as jpeg and, if you like, provide the unprocessed master for others to evaluate.

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Just to expand on WIMvb, if you start the Pixinsight process Blink then add all the light frames you can look at each one to see if there is an obvious problem. That provides one stretch preview to all your images but if you select the top button here image.png.2cdf653b484d4fa799e3c4c3ac51caed.png it will do a stretch preview on each sub separately, and they may give you a greater insight. Normally the default settings on WBPP has a reasonable rejection level but if your are having problems then you can increase it, but I suspect that your images are useable but have noise in the images that needs to be addressed that only becomes visible when you are trying to do a background extraction.

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