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What do these numbers mean under members username?

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6 minutes ago, Moonshed said:

I can tell you a short story about money laundering.
Prior to us moving to Spain in 2008 I decided I had to sell my pride and joy, a 2004 3.0 Litre S Type Jag with automatic and voice command everything, including the phone. I advertised it in Exchange & Mart and I had no responses. After a month I had a phone call from a man asking if it was still available and I told him it was. He replied that he didn’t expect me to accept an offer for such a well equipped car and offered the full asking price of £9,000. He turned up next day as agreed, did not so much as cast a glance at the car as he walked past it on the way to the front door, came into the house holding a carrier bag and said “there’s your money.” It was all in cash, all used £20 notes.
My bank was not overly impressed with my explanation as to why I was depositing £9,000 all in used £20 notes!

I bought my first car for £5500 in cash.  From my sister.  When I took the money out the bank said they could transfer it direct easily.  I said no.  It was the first and only chance I'd have to hold £5k in my hands 🤣

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30 minutes ago, Simon Pepper said:

I often wonder how do you win the day? Is that the most likes on a single image or comment?

I was told  “You last Won The Day on March 3rd. Congratulations! You had the most liked content.”

I think that’s all there is to it.

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