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Imaging small solar system bodies.


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Advice please.  Are asteroids, TNOs, KBOs, SDOs and other such TLAs "planetary" objects for the purpose of uploading images of them to SGL?

It is far from obvious to me where they should live.

Much the same could be said for planetary satellites like Leda, Albiorix, Caliban, and Nereid but at least they orbit honest-to-$DEITY planets.

I ask because I have almost run out of planetary satellites within range of my kit (Phobos and Mimas may be possible) and have turned to other similar objects in solar orbit.  The TNO (20000) Varuna is coming along nicely tonight.

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Two possibilities immediately come to mind.

One is to rename "Planetary" to "Solar System Bodies Other Than Sun or Moon" which encompasses the topic very nicely but may seem a little long-winded. There may be better phrasing.

The other is to create "Small Solar System Bodies" and leave it to the good sense (if any!) of the posters.

I favour the latter.





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