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NGC 2264 and IC 2169 (Cone and Dreyer's nebulae)


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Christmas tree cluster, cone nebula and IC 2169 among other reflection and vdB regions in a fairly widefield (300 mm fl, 60 mm aperture) system using the Askar FRA300 quintuplet.

Limited to 5.8 hrs, much less than planned but such is the permacloud of this seasons here, and scope changed for spring.

Captured with ASI2600 MC, -10C at gain 100 on this one, using 178 x 120 s subs. This process was through APP and PS CS5. I think I will revisit the processing as my night time process and day time process on such a large and low(ish) resolution screen come out so differently!

Hope you all have some clear skies.



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