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Looking at Mars, is this all normal?

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Basically, as the title says. Is this what I should expect to see through my SW explorer 130/f900. I thought it was actually amazing, and to top it off whilst I was looking at Mars, a comet flew through my eyepiece! Awesome! I was out there freezing for nearly an hour before the cloud cover got too bad. It was a bit hazey with cloud but not too bad. First time I've managed to follow a planet successfully. Its not just the view I wanted your thoughts on, also the motion of Mars when I tried to adjust the focus at the end of the video, I was being really delicate. Also anything you think I can do to improve my view or technique. 

So the first part of the video is at 2x zoom on my phone, (galaxy s10) then it goes to 1x zoom (which I preferred) and then back to 2x and that's when I tried to focus.

I suppose what I'm asking is, is everything OK and all as it should be. As I've never looked through another scope.... ever. So I have nothing to compare it to. I just did the video quick so I could capture what I had been looking at.


Also I was using an 8mm BST starguider with the standard 2x Barlow that came with the scope.





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52 minutes ago, dweller25 said:

Well done,

You caught the phase and the white polar cap 

Mars is very small now and past its best so this is about right 👍

Thanks dweller. Not sure what you mean "the phase and white polar cap" as I just see blur, but I'm gonna look that up now. 

Thanks it's just reassuring to know everything's as it should be really. I tried to be so careful focusing but it's impossible I suppose at that magnification. Kinda learning as I go. Thanks again. 



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