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Simple processing workflow for DSLR widefield


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So, my 10yo has 'acquired' my old 450d and shown an interest in learning the basics of astrophotography.  

So far he has just been watching various YouTube videos and enjoying playing around with various exposure settings for single shot images.  He's then passed them to me for a little post processing to get some okay starfield images.  However, some of the videos have introduced him to the idea of stacking images, stretching the data etc. and it's left him scratching his head a little.

I remember the confusion when I started and was planning to spend some time with him going through DSS and then photoshop curves and levels etc.  But I wondered if anyone has any experience using things like Siril or APP and if these might be more intuitive for a young mind starting from scratch?




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I think DSS is as simple as it gets, Siril is good but it helps if you know what you're doing in terms of calibration which is generally what should be learned first. I've learned most of the astro post processing from YT, it's a great resource.

A good first project, image Orion nebula as it can be captured in 5 or so seconds per image, maybe 10-15 without tracking. Take loads of images. Then stack just the light frames to see the result. Do basic level stretches multiple times in GIMP or PS to reveal more detail. Then learn about, dark and flat frames and how to take and apply them. Eventually incorporate bias and/or dark flats.

It's all cumulative, you learn it in stages.

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