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Ok im after a bit of advice. I sort of inherited a 9.25 nexstar evolution (2015 version i think). Optics were clean but the secondary holder rotates badly. I think ill see if orion optics can service it rather than making things worse my self. My problem is with the mount. When its switched on i get No response error 17 and 16 which means it cant talk to either axis. Now, i understand this could be due to low power but i use my observatory power supply and it still happens and looking at the battery each cell is well within acceptable voltages. No wifi is detected so cant connect via sky portal and the handset thinks it should be the GPS version (which it isnt)

Might be firmware?
I tried flashing via the handset/serial USB with CFM which went without errors but on restart i get the same error
looking in utilities it says
HC: NXS 5.34.2065
MC: ? . ?? . ? . ??

this says to me that the motor control firmware is corrupt or can not talk to the handset. 
Has anyone else got past this? Is there anyone nearby with the same handset controller who could help me talk to the MC board or test my handsets connection?


cheers all 



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I have had error 16 or 17 a couple of times with a Celestron SLT mount.

So far as I recall I fixed this by reprogramming the mount firmware with Celestron's MCupdate utility.  You can find instructions online.

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