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  1. Hi folks, can i just get a quick sanity check before i loose mine. First light with a hyperstar coupled with an asi294mc pro, im seeing v shaped stars at the edge of frame, collimation seems ok but i think i might have a back focus issue The back focus is i think 44.3mm (although its a second hand older model so i could be wrong) and the back focus i need for the camera is 55mm so i just need a spacer of 10.7mm right?
  2. i think you have the colours really nice
  3. yea i spotted i was basing my price on the wrong filter my apologies, ive since amended the price to £80
  4. i might do, i was thinking £110 for the filter on its own ***EDIT*** basing my prices on wrong filter! so £80 on its own
  5. ****EDIT Now sold thanks Stuart**** For sale, my astro modified Eos 400d and Astromik CLS clip filter for EOS cameras. The camera was bought 2nd hand from ABS about 3 years ago and has been my work horse since. The body is a bit warn on the hand grips but the sensor is clean. It comes with original packaging (manual, leads etc), battery with charger and 4gb CF card. The CLS clip filter was installed pretty much the day i received it and ive only just taken it out and again it is blemish free (as far as i can see). im only selling these two as i have now moved over to cooled OSC Camer
  6. Ok getting a bit better now. M51, still picking up an odd vignetting in APP like the flats have been over enthusiastic so had to crop quite small. New camera and new software is always going to produce something weird. Ill keep working on it About 6h total integration with 300s subs binned 1x1, 40x flats (teeshirt on evening sky), 30 darks, 40 flat darks ive got two more nights of clear skys so i can either add more time to this or try a new target
  7. Finally made the move from a DSLR to a OSC and bought my self a Zwo Asi294mc Pro. By some miracle there have been a few clear nights since it arrived so i have managed to get about 4h on M81 and M81. Struggling a bit with colour saturation and i have picked up an odd gradient i cant get rid of yet and a LOT of sky background. i think it might be the streetlight but M81 is quite high up this time of year. I normally use a CLS clip in on the cannon but had to put in a cheep skywatcher light pollution filter here which might also be to blame. Might look at getting a IDAS 60 x 300s subs, 30 Dark
  8. also, looking at that picture the az bolts are about 4x the size!
  9. ok its about 1.5kg so postage is feasible, so how about £20 inc postage?
  10. Hermes seem to think that postage will be £5 or so, ill weigh it when I get home if you are still interested
  11. Honestly I can't say.....I know they fit an neq6 and they look like the picture but I can't give you a definitive yes. Postage to Spain would be at a cost to you and I would have to check prices but I am happy to look tho
  12. Where abouts are you? It is quite heavy and bulky, its probably worth about £15 I think ***Edit just read your tag, not massively close to Cambridge***
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