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USB to Mount Active Cable?

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I have a SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro.  I seem to remember that, a few years ago, there was a cable with a chip in it that would plug into SOME mounts and convert USB to a protocol that worked on the Skywatcher RJ45 port.  I would like to get one of these if they still exist and if they will work with a current mount like mine.

Now, I know I can connect through the hand unit with a stock USB printer cable.  I also have a WiFi dongle that does work and allows me to lose the hand controller, but I have experienced occasional WiFi drops that cause problems.  My goal is to lose the hand unit (and perhaps back over it with my tractor) and go back to a single cable,  USB connection to the computer.  I really wish I could remember what that cable was called, but I believe it translated USB to ethernet, but I am not certain.  It did have an RJ-45 end and a USB A end.

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