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Synscan V4 handset, help to identify IC U6


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Hi All

I've a Synscan V4 handset that has a cooked  IC number U6 in the centre of the pic below.  I'd like to replace if I can get hold of one. It is responsible for the error 'motors not responding.'

I wondered if anyone could identify it as I can't find a circuit diagram or clear picture of the synscan v4 internals on the internet.

Thanks, Paul




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Paul, are you sure its the handset and not the motorboard in the mount?  - Normally the "No response both axis" / "No response XX or YY axis" is a result of an over voltage being fed into the serial port of the microcontrollers which needs new reprogrammed controllers to be fitted.  Have a read of this thread  which may help.  Can you circle the component you are trying to identify.... I can see U9 but not U6.  If you can just google the part number on the package, If you mean U9 the fact its close to four diodes and two large caps would suggest a voltage regulator of some kind, but normally the tab would connect to a large ground fill, which isn't the case with U9.

Can you provide details which lead up to the no response message 

EDIT - found it (need to go to Specsavers) !  - Not a clue.  My guess would be some form of signal invertor as there are 4 pins individually connected on one side with corresponding 4 pins on the other side.

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Could anyone with a V4 handset take the covers off and have a look under the hood to identify this component please...  If you can post a nice sharp close up it would be much appreciated.  The more we can document the better 

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An hour or so trawling through the net I came across this image 


The package is just marked ACD, so not a lot to go on really.... It's also seems to be a BGA package, so unless you have the tools and skill to work with such a package then I think you'll be stuck even if you can identify and source a replacement

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Well done Malcom! I looked for ages and couldn't find one I could see the markings! A quick search it looks like some kind of voltage detector but what the spec is difficult to say.

ACD - not much to go on but well see. I had a thought I wonder if the celestron nexstars are similar and contain this part since these V4 boards are marked Celestron. I've a couple of dead ones of those hanging about. I'll pop the cover off later. I have surface mount equipment so have no problem replacing if I can find the part.

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No worries, it's been fun searching.  Synta being the parent company of Skywatcher and Celestron then it makes sense to try and standardise components.

Sounds as if you have all the gear to remove and replace one if you have one on a doner board

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