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Asiair Pro All Sky polar alignment problems


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Having recently moved house I no longer have a view North or have a view within 30 degrees of the NCP allowing me to use the standard PA procedure.

I am therefore trying to polar align using the new all sky feature. My success so far has been pretty hit and miss. I set up the mount & scope facing north, weights pointing down and latitude set for my location. I then switch on the all sky feature, use the on-screen controls to slew the scope till it points south and then commence the PA procedure where the scope automatically rotates westward and positions are plate solved.

The next stage seems almost impossible... reducing the errors by adjusting the bolts in the mount. I seem to find it near impossible to reduce the RA without causing the Dec to increase and vice versa. After 2 hours this evening trying to reduce the error amounts I gave up.

Where am I going wrong? Is the error reduction part of the process really that difficult? Previously, when I could see and use the NCP,  I had no problem reducing the error amounts. Now attempting to use the all sky method reducing one error seems to increase the other.

Any tips, techniques, etc to using the Asiair all sky polar alignment would be very gratefully received!

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I have also experienced this and given up. I'm using the AA+ with a ZWO AM5, but really haven't had the chance to work out why: is it the mount or me? I wasn't pointing exactly South, but a bit to the East. I have wondered whether this "crosstalk" was brought about by the mount not being level, but the opportunity to test that theory hasn't come up. I have had a problem to varying degrees aligning most times with this mount. I've also wondered about possible obscuration of the FoV from some positions of the mount rotation during the alignment process (which has occurred with the limited sky views in my garden), or also whether I am seeing a sufficient number of stars. As I say though, I haven't managed to check these things out.

I too would be interested in others' views.


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