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Vixen ED81S

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How good is this scope for AP? Is the f/8 too slow?


I will be using a DSLR, so are there any components that I don't have to use? Eyepiece, mirror, finder scope? Trying to save weight.



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I'm probably way too late here, but I image with the SD81S (essentially the same optics) and find it really nice. It's so lightweight it puts absolutely no strain on the mount. Initially I used the Vixen reducer with it as I was worried that f/7.7 was too slow, but more recently I've been using it with just the flattener at its native focal length and have been really happy with the results. There are some spikes on the brighter stars because of the spacers around the edge, but I live with them as they're part of the scope, so perfectly honest!




You wouldn't need any of those extra items but if your DSLR is full frame you'd probably want the flattener, which screws into the drawtube nicely. You could try without, of course. You don't have to do anything!

Vixen stuff is lightweight, robust, and lovely. I wouldn't hesitate!

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Hello! I am even later than Osbourne but in case it's still relevant to you, I thought I'd just confirm what he said. I love my SD81S both for visual and for imaging. It's an absolute joy to use. I have not yet used a reducer/flattener, so the pics below are just examples of the scope on its own (with a Canon 60D)








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