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I was actively doing astrophotography for about 6 years and with a house move there has been a gap of 6 years and lots have moved on. I love my WO FLT110 however my SBIG 8300m and QHY8L are probably due an update. Gatwick extended it's flight path over my village so I'm looking at getting a shorter focal length telescope to reduce the impact and pairing it with either the ASI2600 or QHY268, I'm leading towards the Epsilon 180-ED F/2.8 however I'd prefer to use an OAG and I'd like slightly longer focus length if possible. I like doing wide field and I'd also like to do some close galaxy images however I'm not sure my Bortle 4 sky will allow it which is why I've put the EdgeHD 9.5 as a consideration.

I'm rusty on the maths and theory involved so I would be keen to hear about alternative scopes and any other points I should go and research so I can make an informed decision. 

Currently under considerartion:

Epsilon 180-ED
Officina Stellare RH Veloce RH200  
AA AG8 (Seen some mixed reviews)


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