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Looking at flats

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Usually I don't bother to look at the master flats that come out of WBPP, but tonight I decided to debayer and stretch and take a look. Clearly some kind of dust on there, but I don't see it on my camera window or filter. It's presumably too in focus to be on the objective, so where is it likely to be? I'd like to clean this off if possible but I need to know where to start looking in the optical train.



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On 06/10/2022 at 20:33, vlaiv said:

That is on filter (my guess).

Use calculator to determine distance of dust from sensor to give you idea what surface it sits on.


oh cool! I didn't know there was a calculator for that! Awesome.

Yep. Looks like the filter. 


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Thanks both. The window looks a bit closer to the sensor than that in my 2600MC, but maybe not.

I was also forgetting that there is an OAG between my camera and filter, so that's definitely more than 1.53mm

I'd better try and clean the window then.

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