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Finding the right Crayford focuser, and mountain rail question. (Barska 80ED)

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Hi everyone!

I own a Barska Magnus 80ED and due to it being such an old scope there aren't many discussions on it anymore. I have found some random posts around but not really any answers to what I am curious about. There are two things that I need to figure out; for one I need to replace it's trash focuser (crayford). But I am not sure on what exactly fits it, or if there are more budget minded ones available. For instance I know I will most likely need an adapter, which I think is a C80ED. I wasn't sure if a crayford is a crayford and I just need the adapter or not. 

Secondly I have it setup on a CG-4, but the rail / rings don't allow anymore forward movement. So in turn I can't get it balance with my DSLR hooked into it. I wasn't sure if anyone knew exactly what type of rail fits one or not.

I really appreciate the help! I finally dug this scope out to do some amateur AP with my son last week. Since it's been nearly a decade I had forgotten about some of the issues I had ran into. 

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The focuser doesn't travel well and sometimes needs a bit of help. The fine focuser doesn't do anything at all anymore (which really sucks obviously). These are issues that happen sans-camera. I have heard you can take them apart and tweak them but couldn't find any guides on that process (for my model), but I wasn't sure if all crawfords are the same. I actually posted in that thread when it started up, and I recently posted this question hoping someone would notice, but never got any replies. Currently I am using a different style of "rail", here is a photo of what I have, and the rings. Frustratingly the scope can't slide forward anymore through the rings, so I assume I needed something like what you linked (thank you). I wanted to share it just to make sure it should connect correctly. 

I kept reading over and over that the stock focuser for the Barska was the first thing people replaced. I just kind of held onto that notion and figured since it was acting sketchy maybe it was a good idea. But I suppose it would be a good idea to repair it myself first. 

I appreciate the help!



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