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I dislike Starlink satellites as much as the most astrophotographers do, but you have to admit, this is a cool picture.


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Disclaimer: this is from NASA's webpage. I didn't take it. I just figured since it public domain (as most of their images are), it would be ok to post. Very cool image. There are better ones of the same thing, but i'm not sure i'm allowed to link to them as they belong to other people. There is one in particular that also shows the first stage separating, which is hidden by the clouds in this one. 


One day i will be there to see a big rocket take off...46 years in and still haven't had the chance 😩

I also have to say that, again, not really being "pro" Starlink, seeing a post launch train above the house last year was spectacular. So much brighter and stunning in real life than any of the YouTube videos can convey. I loved the way it just suddenly appeared as it exited the shadow. Really beautiful


Cheers all. Have a great Wednesday

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