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Recommendations for ZWO planetary camera


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Good afternoon all,

Reaching out to the technical collective of the forum for advice. As per the title, I am looking for a planetary camera for my setup to allow for better images. I have an ASIAir so would like this to be a ZWO unit so that it is compatible as I am getting on the ASIAir very well. A few of my questions:

  1. I am assuming colour as I don't have a mono setup and wouldn't look to be going this far for now?
  2. Are all the planetary cameras 1.25 inch and not 2 inch?
  3. Do I need my comma corrector, or is this not required for planetary?
  4. What is the max barlow that I could use (currently have 2x and 3x)?
  5. What should I be looking for in a camera (specs)?

For use on a Skywatcher 130 PDS with ASIAir

There will probably be more questions posed by my request, but any input is gratefully received rather than just take a punt at a purchase and end up with the wrong camera.

Thanks in advance

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1. You can use colour (OSC) or mono, or mono with colour filter wheel - it's up to you.

2. Most of the ZWO cameras have a 2" body, a detachable 1.25" nosepiece, and threads that match the common adaptors.

3. What is a comma corrector?  

4. Depends on the scope focal length, and the pixel size in your camera.

5. I'd suggest a small pixel size. You do not need a large chip size.  A lot of people used an ASI224MC but now a ASI462MC seems favored, with even newer models coming. 

You will also need an ADC (atmospheric dispersion corrector) for best results, especially if the planet is low in the sky.

You could start by trying the ASI120MM - the ASI120MC wasn't a bad camera, and you won't need to guide for planetary imaging. 🙂

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