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Crescent Nebula area in Cygnus


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Three clear nights around the summer solstice - no astronomical night, and not much nautical night to play with. But I stuck the dual narrowband filter in, and shot this two panel mosaic of the Crescent Nebula area in Cygnus, and I'm pretty happy with the result. So many options on processing and presenting this, I'd be interested in any views on how you might do it differently?

The Crescent Nebula is created by Wolf-Rayet star WR 136, and the blue streak near the bottom of the frame is the nebulosity associated with another Wolf-Rayet star, WR 134.  The brightish nebula to the bottom left is Sharpless 2-104 (the Crescent is known as Sharpless 2-105, as well as NGC 6888). And If you look really closely, you might just about make out the soap bubble...

RASA 11, CEM120, ZWO ASI2400MC Pro.  Two panels totalling 256 x 60s with IDAS NBZ filter, 131 x 5s with no filter (for RGB stars).

NB Shout out for NINA, which is working really well for me. As well as helping me to slowly improve my tilt and backspacing through use of the latest Hocus Focus plug-in updates, I really like using the advanced sequencer. I polar aligned and calibrated PHD2 on night one, and was able to leave the rig out for three nights -  on nights two and three I just got it all ready to go and went to bed, setting a timer in the sequencer to start up at 23.45. I can see how nice it would be to have a fully automated observatory...

Crescent 220620 HOO RGB stars stretch sat.jpg

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