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Second Attempt at an Exoplanet Light Curve - Kepler-408b


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This is an exoplanet light curve for exoplanet Kepler-408b that I obtained on 25 March 2022 using a QHY8 OSC attached to my TS 152 achromatic refractor mounted on a Losmandy G11.  The data was acquired with SGPro.  The light frames were batch plate solved using ASTAP to add WCS (World Co-ordinate System) FITS headers then analysed in AstroImage J.  I am pretty pleased with the result, not least because I acquired the data through an Optolong L-Extreme filter, which is definitely not designed for the job.  Happily the postman brought a Baader UBVRI photometry filter this week so hopefully this will improve my results.   Thanks for looking.



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Interestingly, using the NASA EXOTIC software to produce a light curve from my data is a lot less forgiving (there is no option for 'stretching' the final data to emphasise the curve, as there is in AstroImage J).  As far as EXOTIC is concerned, the best fit for my date is a straight line 😂  I like to think I can, overall, still see a dip in brightness in the data though 😉


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