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Into The Heart


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The last few clear nights I've switched from the Evostar 80ED DS Pro to my Evostar 100ED DS Pro for Galaxy Season but I've still got a few nebula in view.

This is the centre of IC1805, Heart Nebula, taken on the 26th March using 3h32m of 4 minutes subs. The kit was the 100ED with 0.85 RF/FF with my ASI294 MC Pro fitted with a 2" Askar Duo-Band filter.

The camera was cooled to -10°C and I used a gain 200 and offset 30.

Stacked in DSS using Darks, Flats & Flat-Darks then processed in PI, with final noise reduction using Topaz De-Noise on the starless background.

I'm really pleased with the way this one has come out, with good detail and a nice colour contrast. :D

C's & C's welcomed.


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Very very nice, I have to admit the Heart of the Heart is a favorite object of mine.

I've been wanting to see a picture of the Heart with someone using a OSC + duo band filter (Mainly because I've just picked up the ZWO 533MC + Duo filter and want something to benchmark against)


On the bottom right, is the a little bit of star trailing? or just close stars?

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10 minutes ago, qisback said:

On the bottom right, is the a little bit of star trailing? or just close stars?

I checked the linear version and there's no star trailing or back focus star stretch in any of the corners. Must be close stars.

The stars in this image were removed, processed separately, reduced and sharpened before being added back in. So it may be a remnant of that. ;)

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