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virtual here. anyone using?


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i know this is mostly about hardware but it is the software that finishes it all off, so bear with me please

not been doing astrophotography for long but over time have built up my setup. have been using stellarmate with a rasberrypi 4 for about the last year, and while very good software im just having too many crashes an compatability issues with my camera.

so i have been looking for a windows based software to run my setup. i know theres many out there but i need to conect remotley/wireless due to location of my setup to my pc. and again i know people are going to say you can get these mini pc's to control everything or even a laptop, but why spend more money when i allready have a decent pc. plus i allready have a rasberry pi, so just needed to get them connected.

i know nothing about linux so needed something simple that i could just flash onto card a put in rpi. people may have found other solutions and id be more than happy to hear and try them them, but for me i found virtualhere . just downloaded the server software to card, put it in the rasberry pi ,connected to my wireless network downloaded the client software to my pc. now everything that is connected to my pi is showing as connected to usb on my pc. it does cost like £35 gbp but there is free demo where can connect one device. ive used it twice for imaging and so far been running perfect. no connection drops, seems fast enough to me. and now learning how to use n.i.n.a, which also so far has been trouble free.

sorry if i went on a bit, but so far this has saved me  a few hundred quid. and agin if anyone has better solution or allready use this software. let us know.

thank you

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