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ASI AIR Pictures Offset

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Hi, i'm a complete novice in Astrophotography and managed for the first time last night to get out with all my newly acquired equipment and shoot some photos. Namely of the Andromeda Galaxy.

My setup is a Star Adventurer + RedCat51 +Canon 600D + ZWO guide scope package + ASI AIR PLUS.

Polar align went well with the ASI AIR PA routine, i then roughly positioned the scope in the general direction of Andromeda and did plate solve.

I had the coordinates for Andromeda from SkySafari but found Andromeda was a bit off centre when i got near (bottom right of the screen)

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing i managed to get Andromeda centred in the middle of my tablet screen, started guiding and knocked off 50x120sec exposures.

All looked good during the session with each shoot showing Andromeda centred in the screen.

So, today I've just loaded up the images into AstroPixelProcessor and found all the images are offset to the top left side of the screen.

Can't think of what has caused this so any suggestions please.


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Just a follow on from previous post, here's a photo showing tablet screen during session and raw image as it appears in APP.

The only thing that comes to mind is that the image of Andromeda looks a bit bigger on the tablet than in APP so I'm wondering if i inadvertently zoomed and shifted the 

image somehow before centring it.



Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 17.01.09.png

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8 minutes ago, Elp said:

Is there an offset function with the asiair as I haven't seen it? It normally plate solves and centres the object prior to running the image plan, is that how you set it to run?

It's on a Star Adventurer so the target has to be centred manually. Don't really understand why the image is centred on the tablet screen and not in the actual images. In hindsight i guess i should have had a look at the live view on the camera.

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The only thing I can think is something's moved after taking the preview. The preview image on the asiair will be the same as on your camera. But yes, always good practice to check the actual images being captured.

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All was not lost, i've not much idea what I'm doing, its a very steep learning curve, but after loading my 50X120sec images into AAP and preprocessing with the 'automatic' defaults

and a crop this is what i got. (Screen shot)

Really pleased, my first Astro image. 😀


Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 18.59.43.png

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I suspect you hit the nail on the head yourself Ray, you are for sure zoomed in on the ASI...possibly to the top left corner... :D

(that's not far off what Andromed would look like in a full FOV of my 430mm Z73 III)

we live and learn! And you still got a fantastic image, even with the slight hiccup! Congrats, it looks great!

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