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New dark site checked out


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Yes I realise a half moon isn't the best of times to check out a potential new dark site but I think it may prove to be worth while.

Myself and Mrs Bomber Baz went out for an evening drive and why not, TV was pretty rubbish so wth.

The place is a quiet road just off the main A road into Keswick, great south aspect which is clear down to about 10 degrees or maybe a little less and the drive was a shade over 1.5 hours / 100 miles.

There is a little LP from Keswick but as the town is behind a nice hill so it shouldn't really affect viewing and it is to the West, I could live with that. All other possible LP would come from either Penrith (E) or the Cumbrian coastal towns (NW-SW) and maybe Ambleside and Windermere but all are well shielded by the fact the spot is in the middle of the Lake District and surrounded by hills. (except to the immediate south)

Some SQM reading were made, using my body as a shield from the moon light (which was casting significant shadows) I managed an SQM reading of 19.7.   My existing dark site gives me at best 20.4 with no moon but has a horrible LP southern aspect. That said, it is only a half hour away.

Obviously I need to get up there when conditions are better but I reckon it has the making of an A* dark site. 

The only down side is the travel distance but it isn't like I will be there every week.

So enjoyable evening except the drive back🤣 #horriblefog



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