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Synscan app and sky safari plus issue


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I own an azgti mount. I use it along with an ipad pro and sky safary 6 plus. Here is the thing …. I do align the mount with synscan pro app. No issue there, fine. I then connect skysafari with telescope. Fine. But after 30 seconds or so the object i am pointing to drifts out of sight. No tracking at all. Ive been told about synscan app not working in the background on ios devices. I love to use sky safari with my telescope. Observing list are so helpful. But right now iam frustrated. Should i change any setting either in sysncan app or sky safari. 

could you please give me a hint on how to work this out

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(1) Do the objects start to drift immediately, and move off at a constant speed? That would suggest that the mount isn't tracking the sky properly in that region.

(2) Does it happen with all objects during a session, or only some of them? If only some, is there any connection between the ones where it happens? e.g. they are in the same general area, or are low down?

(3) How are you setting up at the start of a session?

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