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Almost ready to go.

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All ready for my return to astro-imaging 🙂

Set up on the mount this morning, but just posed for a photo, so no cables. Cabling all ready to connect, then just need a clear dark sky for the Polar Alignment. Albeit, I will get close to it during daylight with a Polar Align app on the iPhone.

Altair 115 Triplet APO, Skywatcher Motor Focus, Hypercam 294C Pro TEC, GP Cam 130, and an OVL Off Axis Guider, on an HEQ5 Pro.

The trees are to the North but relatively clear E, S, and W.

Note that rather that pay out for a Pier/Mount adapter, I simply removed the tripod legs from the SW mount base,  drilled three 5.5mm holes in the mount base, and secured it to the pier plate with M5 stainless steel, countersunk machine screws, nuts and washer. An M10 stainless steel bolt secures the mount the pier adapter. All mounted on my homemade (apart from welding) steel pier.

scope setup.jpg

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