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NGC 1977 , M43 & M42 (part)

Roy Batty

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This ones from last night, a bit of a redemption for me because I had a complete mare of a session on Saturday night (power to the mount took a wobbly just as as i'm about to start guiding for starters).

Aesthetically I should have done a few short subs to mask the core burn out - doh, funny how you only think about it afterwards.

Details: Prime focus DSLR @ ISO800 on C8-N, 20 X 5min subs. Guided with webcam on ED80 using PHD - Stacked in DSS, processing - PixInsight DBE & PS CS3.

cheers for now.



(click to enlarge)

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Thanks Rob, I was contemplating last night having a go at the Horsehead (Barnard 33) & flame nebula..et al using the ED80 but the moon seemed just a bit too bright. I think this was down to the extra moisture in the air reflecting more of the moonlight than 24 hours earlier.

However, its one I'll have a crack at hopefully later in the month.


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