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Programs on next week


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Just been perusing the new Radio Times and came across the following;

Sunday 4th January 8:00 pm National GeographicJourney to the Edge of the Universe. Documentary combining images from the Hubble Space Telescope with CGI effects to explore the farthest reaches of the universe

Wednesday 7th January 8:00 pm BBC4The Sky at Night Special. Sir Patrick charts the development of the telescope over four centuries while Chris Lintott visits some modern-day astronomical leviathans

Wednesday 7th January 9:00 pm BBC4Hubble Telescope. Documentary celebration of the world's most famous telescope

Wednesday 7th January 10:00 pm BBC4Blast! Documentary about a revolutionary new telescope being launched under a NASA high-altitude balloon in an effort to find out how all the galaxies were formed.

Wednesday 7th January 11:20 pm BBC4Star Men. Investigation of the world of amateur astronomy, examining the new technology that allows members of the public to pursue the hobby to professional standards

Better free up some space on the Sky+ box I think!!

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