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  1. Very sad news. He was the inspiration that started my love of astronomy. RIP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Doesn't seem to have UK maps yet. I have had a mail from the developer who said there will be an update in the next week or two to address this so you may want to hold fire until its updated.
  3. I've just been reading the "Instruments and Imaging" newsletter from the BAA. They have published an article which includes the following advice; "It is allowed by all who have any experience on the subject that the open air is the best place for using a telescope upon celestial objects. It requires, however, a large amount of enthusiasm on the part of a beginner to encounter the various difficulties with which this is attended, when the observations are to be made in the night time. Taking the telescope out into the garden, arranging the stand etc., to find, perhaps, the weather change, and the sky become overcast just as the instrument is ready for use. Here, however, the beginner may be reminded that one maxim must be steadily remembered - never be disappointed by the weather; In this uncertain climate an astronomer who should yield to vexation because the sky becomes thick, had better give up the thing altogether" This is part of a reproduction of an article originally published in "THE ASTRONOMICAL REGISTER" - A Medium of Communication for all interested in the Science. Second Issue, February 1863 So, come on you fellows, stiff upper lip and no yielding to vexation, thats the spirit
  4. Mrs W has the odd look at the moon and was quite impressed by Saturn but she doesn't do cold so leaves me to it most of the time. She was very interested in the distance learning courses I did with LJMU though and she hardly ever queries the various packages that arrive on the doorstep, bless her
  5. Hopefully this is allowable here, if not apologies in advance. The BAA need a local astronomy group to house the Hewitt Camera Plate Archive. The bulletin is copied below; The Hewitt Camera Plate Archive comprises approximately 11,000 photographic plates taken from various locations within the UK and in Australia over a period of almost 30 years from approximately 1960 to 1990. Each plate covers a 10 degree field of view taken with a Schmidt camera. The plates were originally used to measure the orbits of satellites to infer information about the Earth's gravitational field. However, in the process much information was obtained on variable stars, typically to about magnitude 11 but occasionally to mag 13. Following the transfer of the Royal Greenwich Observatory from Herstmonceux, to Cambridge in the early 1990's the Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society became the custodians of the Archive on behalf of the BAA VSS. Sadly, the local council have decreed that they can no longer house the Archive and therefore they are looking for a new home for it. If any individual or group is interested in taking the Archive they should first contact the VSS Director roger.pickard@sky.com This would make a great project for another local astronomical society that does have the space and the enthusiasm. Now for some of the small print! The deadline for the removal of the Archive is the end of June 2012. The Archive is currently housed on shelving measuring approximately 5.11m long x 2.39m high x 0.3m deep. Some 6000 of the plates are of glass measuring approximately 20cm x 10cm x 6mm thick often with 3 or 4 plates per box and so are quite weighty. The remainder are plastic plates but of a similar area. If anyone is a member of an astronomy society who could offer a home for this unique collection please contact Roger or myself many thanks John
  6. +another one for the locked thread idea. That way it will work as I hoped it would originally (i.e I get an alert on my iPhone and can either log on discreetly or nip out and use my phone to access the site - but dont tell the boss!)
  7. Well done chaps, your hard work is very much appreciated
  8. Glad to hear that Steve. I can only imagine how worrying it must have been for you. Fingers crossed that you all stay healthy!
  9. Very sorry to hear this. My memories of Kev will be his sense of humour and his willingness to help. RIP Kev and thoughts and prayers are with his family
  10. Luminos has Garrad and Markarians Chain and is a good buy at only £2.49
  11. There's no way I'm going to "bend at the waist and look at the moon through my legs" as suggested in that link. I just know someone would see me and I doubt if Plod would believe me when I explained I was looking at the moon!
  12. Unless my numbers come up I can't see any purchases this year. The recession has taken hold in Wingman Towers
  13. Let us know what you think of linking up the iPhone to your 'scope. I was considering this myself only yesterday
  14. Are you saying that you chaps that run this forum for nothing have been taking time off over Christmas to spend with your families? Well....... how rude!!!!
  15. Prof Jim Al-Khalili - The Search for the Higgs I like Prof Al-Khalili's way of explaining things so this should be a good one
  16. "The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen" by Prof Bri and Jeff Forshaw
  17. Sounds as if they are keeping well on the safe side (which is understandable) Thanks guys:icon_salut:
  18. Steve what is the maximum user weight the chair will take? cheers John
  19. I did it a couple of years ago (but with LJMU) and found it very interesting. Nice mix of observing and theory work with a bit of maths thrown in. Well worthwhile. Starting Planetary Geology in November
  20. 10x50 and 15x70 but the bigger ones are on a tripod with a RDF
  21. Caroline and William (after the Herschels)
  22. Ordered mine on Saturday 30th July, delivered on following Saturday. No customs charges. 30mm length is more than long enough. Fitted to primary and secondary in a few minutes. Excellent addition to my dob
  23. I love my dob. I've just ordered some Bobs Knobs for it and am trying hard to convince myself I really don't need a MoonLite CR2 focuser because there are loads of sensible things I could spend that much money on. (But I still want one )
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