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Copernicus phone snap

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I was pleased with this, although although taking pictures afocally with a DOB mount and a phone camera is a bit like threading a needle with a pair of gloves on!! I nudged the scope so that the object of interest would be just out of view then carefully tried to move the phone so that it was in the right place - One minute you see the white dot that you are aiming for but more often than not just as you are about to click on the screen the phone camera adjusts focus and you can’t see a thing!! This time I was lucky and managed to take the picture just as Copernicus had drifted into view.

The things we do to amuse ourselves!


The main crater is Copernicus, 93km wide, 3.8km deep.  

Scope: Orion Optics 1/10 PV 250mm F6.3 on DOB mount.

Eyepiece: 2" 9mm Explore Scientific 100°.

Phone: Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.

Original image Afocal Phone snap@ 175x taken 23/05/2018 22:42.

Cropped version was sharpened in Gimp then contrast and shadows were improved using standard iPad image editing tools.


Thanks Steve.


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