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Animation: Jupiter with Gread Red Spot on 2nd June 2018

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During last night, I took 21 stacks of Jupiter (each 20 000 frames, 90s recording time, shutter around 3-7 ms, gain around 300 - 400).

The best 19 stacks were taken, sharpened and thrown into the GIF bucket. 

The animation has two things I like: First, one can see the rotation of the GRS and if one looks close enough, one can see that the rotation is acyclic. Second, the first stacks were taken around 22:45, while the last ones are from 23:45. One can see that the seeing improves over time, resulting in the best 4-7 frames at the end of the animation. It reminds me that no matter how much you practice, the results highly depend on the conditions of that night.

Although I already posted the animation in another thread, I hope you enjoy it and accept is as a challenge entry.



Date: June 2nd 2018, 22:45 - 23:45
Stacks : 21 x 20 000 frames within 90s each, shutter between 3.5ms and 6.5 ms , gain between 300 and 400, 8 % of each stack were used for producing the final image (one image = one frame within the GIF)

Equipment: 8'' Newton 200/1000 f/5, EQ6 R Pro GoTo, ASI ZWO 290 MMC, Omegon ADC, premium Barlow 3x (f/15)
Software used: Firefapture with Binning and Debayer activated, AS!3, RegiStax 6, Gimp (only for placing the picture into a larger black frame, so websites like forums or facebook won't scale the image up)

Animation with: makegif.com.. sorry about that
Site: Germany, rooftop in a small town, seeing was bad till "fair enough"

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