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  1. Thanks for your comments. Nitpicking and criticism is totally fine with me. Your feebdack is highly appreciated.
  2. I don't know what happened, suddenly we had 2 or 3 consecutive days with good seeing here in Germany last week. Took my chances and went out with the C11 I aquired a bit more than a year ago. Here are the results, and I must say I am quite happy with them. I know that many guys here can do more, but I still consider myself as a beginner and will be glad if I could continue learning from you. Copernicus with some area around Copernicus only Plato Goldschmidt Sinus Iridum C11, ASI ZWO 290 MMC, Baader IR pass filter,
  3. Hi there, I am a beginner in astrophotography and want to try imaging Venus with my one year old C11. This is my second attempt on Venus with the C11, and the first in UV. Seeing was very bad, unfortunately. Here you go, two captures (~ 9000 frames each, 11% stacked) while the seeing was about to move from "very bad" to "horrible": I also captured Venus through an IR pass filter and tried creating a false-color image composition. However, the result had nothing to do with the UV and IR captures, so I decided to capture more data before trying again. Since there ar
  4. It was a cold and long night at the end of September, but it was worth staying up until 5 am. Had a great look at the Horse Head and the Plejades, but my main goal was Orion: Unfortunately, the spikes are far away from perfect. I guess that something inside the tubus reflects the light, but I am working on it.
  5. After shooting Andromeda, I decided to give M33 (Triangulum Galaxy) a try. The spiral galaxy appears as a very large and bright object at the night sky, however the luminance is distributed across a larger area. Having a very light polluted night sky, it is impossible for me to detect M33 through an eye piece. Instead, I have to take pictures with my Canon and hope that the object appears on the screen after I told the GoTo hand piece to focus on the object. After 3-4 seconds, one can see a blurry dot between the stars. After 30s shutter one can detect some structures and only after
  6. Thank you @vlaiv , your hints helped me alot during the last nights!
  7. Thanks for the hint regarding collimation. I took a look at my Newton today, and well, what could I say, some work needed to be done : - ) Now looing forward to seeing some decent spikes!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing this one, astrovani.
  9. Wow, those images are amazing. Keep on the awesome work.
  10. Wow, so much feedback! Thanks, this is highly appreciated! Regarding the things you asked: Yes, the Canon EOS 1200 DA used for this photo session is astro-modded. @Demonperformer, you mentioned that what counts is the total time of light. However, I started to wonder if it is really the same if I do let's say 10 x 30s shoots or 5 x 1m shoots. I have the feeling that one needs a certain minimal shutter. E.g. it was not the same when I shot 30x2s Andromeda and stacked it compared to 2 x 30s. @RolandKol Thanks so much! I would love to do polar alignment, unfortunately I never dis
  11. Last night one of my dreams came true when I managed to obtain my first DSO shots. I am still a bloody beginner and just started in February this year. Since then, I focused on planetary imaging because decent results could be achieved easily. But my biggest goal is to learn how to image Deep Sky Objects, so I started practicing with my equipment and 3 star alignment. Last night, I tested some new settings with the guiding, and although alignment was poor, I was able to capture a few things. I live in a very light polluted area, so I am glad that at least the brightest objects are visible
  12. Beautiful colors. Lots of details. Superb image!
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