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A good first scope and sheer frustration

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DarrenH    30
On 7/17/2017 at 20:23, ollypenrice said:

Neighbours are an over-rated accessory. I find that life goes along very sweetly without them...



No street lights either, and only very small villages on the horizon(s), so little to no light pollution. :D


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On 7/17/2017 at 14:59, JOC said:

In fairness to all these neighbours I very much doubt that few would be vindictive enough to buy a security light with the express purpose of ruining someone else's hobby.  I can well imagine that they either don't know about your hobby, or even if they do and just as likely, don't realise how their light makes things awkward for you.  I think in all cases a little communication would solve a lot, possibly make a new friend and introduce someone else to the interest of the night sky.  As it is the world seems full of folks that won't say 'boo' to a goose let alone a neighbour that they've never spoken to.  What is the world coming to?  We all seem to think the place is full of axe murderers!  I suspect our great-grandparents would proverbially 'turn in their graves' as I am sure in their day you knew most of your neighbours for streets around. 

Access to their security light switch is a great idea - even if you offer to finance it, maybe even a blue tooth controller?

I've spoken to them, haha I've spoken to them plenty of times, lived next door to them my entire life :p anyway no I dont think ruining my hobby was either of their intentions, I just sometimes feel awkward for asking, they know what my hobby is, all ended well they were kinda mortified that their light was ballsing everything up for me observing wise, told me they're more than happy to turn it off for me on nights I want to observe on and to just knock on their door to let them know I want it switching off, told them once I get my scope (which I hope should be next week) I'll happily show them the sights through it, which they said they'd love to see, specially the planets through it so anyway all seems to have ended well and never know if all goes well I could be getting my neighbours as hooked to this hobby as I am :)

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