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I want this!


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Like this. Nice little gadget if you have a decent telephoto or zoom lens to go with it. A lot less pricey than the telephoto / scope hybrid that Kowa does. Though in fairness, costing in a good telephoto lens the Kowa probably works out about a third of the price, so this might actually be a good option for someone wanting a quality telephoto lens who doesn't need AF.



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Unfortunately the eyepiece is not changeable and the orientation is 45-degree spotting scope, not 90-degree astronomical. I am toying with the idea of combining one of these:


With a barlow to get extra backfocus and a diagonal and my 9mm speer waler... The neat thing about the above TS adapter is it has a photographic mounting thread. But I'm not sure there would be enough backfocus.

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Still thinking about this. The eyepiece position is just wrong on the Kenko. Also its tripod foot is a bit flimsy according to reports.

 So I am thinking of building something. The focal point of a Canon camera lens is 55mm from the back of the lens. This adaptor takes 19mm of length and provides a metal photographic mounting foot and a T2 thread on the back:


This adaptor converts T2 to a 1.25 accessory tube:


This 2.6x path corrector for binoviewers would screw into the diagonal:


And I already have this cheapo diagonal:


I would have 36mm of optical path left after canon mounnt-T2 adaptor, so times 2.6 that gives 93mm for the diagonal etc, so i should be able to reach focus. If I have too much path I can just slide the path corrector back down the drawtube. If I still don't have enough backfocus I can remove the eyepiece holder from the diagonal and the eyepiece barrel from the eyepiece, and mount the eyepiece directly onto the diagonal.

Combining with a 32mm plossl with a 2.6x path corrector (barlow surely?), that would yield 12mm Kenko-equivalent. Assuming EF-S lenses could mount on the canon-T2 adaptor, that would give a scope with 7-20x zoom.

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