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4 hours ago, Herzy said:

I've had a lot of trouble getting this data to work. It can't ever keep the core under control. It would be really helpful if someone with good processing skills could give this a try. Thanks a lot.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/40u6zdsqrvwezqu/M42 - Stack (Lynkeos).tiff?dl=0


Firstly, its a very nice image and got lots of potential!

The issue is that you have already stretched the image (the whole image) so much, that the core is pretty much blown out and the data is lost.

With M42 you either need to take 2 different exposure sets and then combine them (HDR combination) or you need to make an exposure length that does not blow out the core, and then do a 'masked stretch' where you protect the core, and stretch the rest, and do that several times. The mask will have to have a pretty large blurryness to the edges, or you'll end up with hard lines between stretched and protected areas.

If you want to, post the raw (unstretched) image so we can have a look, if its possible or if the core is blown out already in the raw image.

Kind regards, Graem

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