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Epic Flats Fail


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First time out with the scope last night for about 18 months; back to making rookie mistakes like forgetting to take the cap off of the polar scope and spending 10 minutes trying to figure out why I could not find any stars...

To cap it all off, as the clouds rolled in at 3am, I thought I had better take some flats for the evening. Normally I get pretty good results by holding my tablet to the end of the dew shield and taking 30-40 shots on AV mode with the camera. Last night the tablet was still in the house, and I did not want to risk setting the dogs barking by coming back in too many times, so I decided to use the screen of the laptop I was using for imaging (as so many people seem to do). However there appears to have been a step change in screen technology between the old Toughbook CF-31 I use outside, and my shiny tablet:...


... not really a lot of use as a flat ;) It must be the scanning of the screen or the back light as the horizontal bars are in a different place on each shot.

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