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NGC 3521 an overlooked galaxy


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This impressive galaxy is both large (9.5' diameter) and bright (mag 8.9). It could have been easily seen by Messier. But it is often overlooked in favor of its neighbors M 65, M 66, and NGC 3628 (the "Leo Triplet")

Picture taken with a 200mm reflector / f4

Atik infinity colour and 21x14" exp.

Neither filters nor reducers.

NGC 3521 GX LE0 21X14 S=4,6 35º L=0.jpg

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It goes to show how many interesting galaxies there are lurking out there. As you say, it is bright (just checking, it is actually the 3rd brightest in Leo, brighter than 4 of the 5 Messier galaxies). Definitely one for the list.

I was out last night until quite late and noticed Leo well up and was quite tempted to point the scope in its direction but it seems too early for galaxy season somehow ;-)



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