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baader 1.25" RGB absorptive filters... any good for imaging?


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Does anyone know much about these filters: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/rgb-filters-filter-sets/baader-rgb-filter-set-with-ir-cut.html

Are they much good for CCD imaging, or would I be better off saving up for a more expensive set? Or will it just be diminishing returns getting an expensive set!

Basically, I've recentlygot a simple second hand CCD (Atik 314e) which I want to play with :) 


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The characteristics look reasonable, each is about 100-120nm wide. Baader data indicates some overlap on the Green and Blue at 500nm. Seems that is required to get the Hb and OIII in on the relevant filters.

Baader Filters

Really depends on are you happy with a width of 100nm for each - cannot see a great problem. Although the main factor is you are spending money now that you could keep and save towards narrow band items, but they cost a lot more and I would likely do as you are thinking = go for the Baader absorbtive and get going even if not the accepted "narrow" aspect.

Thoughts are it sounds like a long wait for narrow band, and an immediate start with these. With these you get going and get the learning curve started.

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Yeah narrowband is actually my main aim because of the light pollution where I live. But I do definitely want to try RGB anyway... especially as narrow band isn't really for targets like star clusters and galaxies..

Also you mention the width of 100-120nm. What is the relevance of the width to imaging? Obviously RGB filters should have fairly broad widths, to match the frequencies that our retinal cones pick up, but thats the limit of my understanding here !

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