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Tips For Andromeda


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Hi All,

I have recently got into Astrophotography and im looking to get some tips on how to get pictures of the Andromeda Galaxy. The equipment that i have is a Canon 100d with 18-58mm Lens, 75-300mm Lens, Tripod and an iOptron Sky Tracker.

Thank you

Kind Regards

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That should be adequate to get some decent pics. Focal length somewhere between 200-300. Focus is key! Stopping down the lens from max will give sharper image. Accurately polar align the ioptron and take exposures that are as long as possible, but which don't (i) start 'burning out' the centre of the galaxy, & (ii) show too much LP [if you have any there - going to a dark site is always good]. Take some darks (~20) - same exposure length as you are using, but with the lens cap on. Because it isn't temp controlled, you might benefit from taking half before you take the lights and half afterwards - I used to do this, but was never sure how much it helped. Take some bias frames (~50) min exposure with lens cap on (you can reuse these for any images you take for the next 12 months or more). Put them all in DSS and let it work its magic. Then, the fun begins ... post-processing ... for which you should purchase Making Every Photon Count by Steve Richards (available from FLO).


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