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Theory on Black Holes.

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So Recently the theory that Black Holes are indeed just a Black Star I somewhat Pieced this together based on facts already known of the stars and planets. First To understand this you would need to understand some recent things that NASA has been Observing. So I'll link the articles as fallows: http://phys.org/news/2014-09-black-holes.html. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4753.

So With both those articles out of the way I looked at Black Stars different now. Just how at the creation of a star and in a star life cycle, a star absorbs enough surrounding material to fuel itself and then go on to stop bringing in surrounding matter. Then the star continues to to Grow after it has gained enough momentum to expand its outer shell. Now either you get 3 options in a stars end cycle.

A neutron star. A star on its way to becoming a Black hole but not enough matter could be absorbed to keep it stable so it release all matter to only start again.

A Black Star or Black Hole, Is a star that has gained enough surrounding energy and matter it can Forever sustain itself. Black stars could use the Discussed black hole "flare" to release energy if it is to much at the time so it can grow stable.

Lastly You get a white dwarf. This is a star that could not get enough matter or energy to become a neutron star or Black Star.

With this information on stars, Black holes look more and more like stars. Well in my 3rd picture on my post. I believe that is how the make up of ever things exsistance is. We are on the outer edge of a Massive Black Star that holds everything together. And in this Black Star, it hold all other universes and all other black stars. Why I think we are on the outer edge? Well It is simply, Black holes and Neutron Stars can only exist if a sun gets enough energy to either restart and try to become a black star or it does become a Black star. Well with the lack of black holes around us we clearly are not in an area that is old enough or has enough material in it to create a black hole so Therefore more matter pulled closer is going to have a higher chance of becoming a Black Star. Tell me what you think lets discuss. .




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Well you see physicists dont really know what black holes really are. They just assume what more or less could be. But the real problem is the difference between 2 theories: Einsteins Relativity and Quantum mechanics (as mentioned in one of your articles) and the reason for that is that physicists like Einstein, Hubble, Newton and many others cant explain nature as a whole. Every theory has a ending point  where you cant explain why. I dont know much about black holes but many secrets lie beneath them.

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