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    I like music playing guitar and of course astronomy although I dont know a lot but I love talking about it. The most interesting part is how the universe was created.
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  1. Another thing i heard about this guy and his channel had been watching him few years back. He has some very nice videos i aggree
  2. Thanks guys I must say I love you boys!
  3. Greetings fellas, So im wondering what to expect from my Skywatcher Explorer 130P while observing planets? Does anyone have some experience with this kind of telescope? For what objects i could use it best? Cheers, Ray
  4. Another thing, how do i correctly allign a equatorial mount i think its the third or second version i have. Because for stargazing its enough to write the coordinates down and then by adjusting the knobs you can find the object youre looking for right...?
  5. Yeah I will make sure to check them both. But does anyone of you have any experiences in stargazing here in Netherlands, the sky is pretty damn bright during night.
  6. Greetings, I have a question for you guys i currently live in The Netherlands and had a chance to peek inside the magazine called Sky at night which is a british magazine. I was wondering is it worth buying them or not? I am looking for some information sources and timetables of what to see in the sky during the month. Want to begin with all the astronomy stuff again. Dont worry be calm, cheers Ray
  7. Greetings old fellas, its been quite a long time since i have last been here... But im now currently in Netherlands and wanted to ask if any of you guys have experiences here in observing? The skies here during night are extremely bright from all the light coming from the cities. Furthermore I do not really know where to start from again, i have a starwatcher explorer 130P with the focal lenght of 650 mm and diameter of 130 mm. Im more interested in watching the deep sky thats why i have it. Any suggestions for what i should do in order to begin my star gazing again? Every answer or informati
  8. Thanks, Well I dont even know what to start from. Everything youll say will be appriciated
  9. Well hello again, Im new here (well kind of new) and Im really interested in Astronomical calculations, but I cant find the best possible way to learn them. I tried searching on the web read books but they are a bit to complicated for me. Have you got any ideas, recommendations? Even a small link to a webpage or something would help a lot.
  10. Thanks I will keep everything in mind
  11. Hey guys, I wanted to ask some of you what eyepieces should I get to view deep sky objects? My telescope is a Skywatcher 150 eq3 - Reflector. I have eyepieces of 10 and 25mm diameter.
  12. So many answers and witch to choose? But anyways thanks for everyones relplied I had a nice time over thinking it
  13. Yeah! You are totally right we seem to know a lot more than a century ago but the more questions we answer the more questions we get. For me personally Universe, Earth and everything else is amazingly amazing. My life changed when I started astronomy and stargazing, it makes you feel like someone totally different than you were before. Never stop dreaming...
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