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10x56 vs. 10x50


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I am looking for some information on the binocular 10x56 configuration, different to a more classic 10x50 binocular.
Anyone have using this model ? some advantadge on the 10x50 model ? for DSO ?
In particular a one model best with a good quality ?
Thanks in advance
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Well in theory 56mm objectives will let in 25% more light than 50mm objectives, this will make the image a lot brighter.  Not all binoculars are created equally though, the quality of the glass, prism type and any internal aperture restrictions will also have a big effect on the image.

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Although it doesn't sound like much, if you work out the surface area a 56mm is actually 20% bigger than a 50mm. So they will bring in more light and you'll be able to see a little bit deeper, but in reality it'll only be subtle despite the impressive-sounding number. They'll also be heavier as well. True aperture is key though - you have to pay many hundreds to get a 50mm binocular that actually measures 50mm, most are closer to a 42mm which is why, as said above, a premium quality 42mm with its superior coatings will always beat them.

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