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EQ3-2 service - Some comments.


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I had a few problems during the rebuild of my Sky Scan 2001 so thought I would post here in case someone else came across the same problems.

Trying to set up the load on the RA retainer was difficult as it tried to spin whilst I was doing up the grub screws. In the end I found the best setting was with the retainer backed off 45 degrees from tight. I've shown this above, the RA axis is marked at tight in line with the holes and then backed off.

The RA axis spun freely with no slop, but when I tightened the clamp it all locked up. Finally found that I was using too much muscle on the axis clamp, causing distortion of the gear barrel and hence pinching the shaft. Stripped it back again and found that even though I had used only a small amount of grease, it had got on to the barrel, under the brass button. Probable cause was the 35C temperature. Cleaned it well and filed the brass button for more grip. Seems to be OK at the moment.

The RA worm does not have any brass spacers, just two stepped brass rings and a couple of O-rings. I've never seen these mentioned before so perhaps this is someone elses mod? This causes the worm shaft to be too tight so I'll attempt to make a pair of spacers from brass washers and see how it goes.





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