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Another go at NGC6888

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I know it's not the best of images but I'm fairly pleased as i managed a few things myself that have improved the image for me. I never really know how far to take the RGB image once it's combined and i feel that the red on the nebula is really solid rather, like  crayon mark, would more data help out?. I have an HA filter coming next week so that should hopefully add more to it. This was 45 L @ 300s each, RGB 12 @ 300s all at 1x1. Any comments/advisc are welcomed as always. Thanks.



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Nice crescent. I think that this target will benefit from the Ha filter. Definitely worth a revisit.

BTW, the image seems to have a blue - green gradient from bottom to top. Maybe a pinch of Gradient Exterminator could cure that?

Good luck

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I think its a great start! Lots of data to work with!

The HA will blow you away, its a game-changer, and you should be able to pop the separate HA data onto this RGB data to drastically enhance the crescent. Lots of tutorials around for merging HA into the red channel. If you don't find anything, just pop a question here, i'm sure somebody that does HaRGB will answer swiftly :)

If you're setup allows it, when you're taking HA, go for longer than 300s. Depending on your sky try as long as you can (i mostly go for 1200s subs)

Kind regards, Graem

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